sleepless in Seattle (sort of)

Seattle is a mere couple of hours from Vancouver (3 with custom/border check). One fine summer day I got on a bus and made my way down South of the boarder for a long weekend in Seattle.


the journey down there was pretty spectacular, gorgeous scenary and fairly smooth sailing.

So first afteroon downtown, a bit cloudy, with a heavy bagpack, but the exploring starts!

First “old” Seattle, close to the bus station where the bus dropped us off.


then of course, I went straight to the uber famous public market, to browse around (I went back the following day as well, to look at it properly)



as you may know, there is no me without coffee. a standard image of me, includes a cup of coffee in my hand. and yes, I’m totally addicted to Starbucks. Starbucks was born in Seattle, and the very first starbucks shop is just across the public market. so I had to go and get a coffee there, and pictures, I also took pictures….


I was staying close to the University of Washington, and I needed to take a bus to get there. So I wandered a little more around Seattle and spotted a couple of cool things.


ImageImageImageImageImageand then, I got the bus. Now, you should know, there’s an intricate underground tunnel system for public bus services…especially the ones going outside Seattle. they do not clog up roads and they are fast as the wind to take you where you need, how awesome is that? plus, they make great pics!



I got the hotel, and got a good night sleep, and the morning after a beautiful sun was out and I was ready to explore more!

I first wandered around the University of Washington, but I’m gonna have a “US colleges” special later on in the blog to talk about it. For now, let’s go back to Seattle, next stop, the Space needle!!

Up above the space needle was surrounded by quite a lot of fog, so I needed to wait a little till it cleared off to climb up.


I found a cool car wash along the way


and I visited the EMP Museum, the museum of Music, Sci-fi and pop culture. YES, all of that in the same museum. pretty awesome. pics were not allowed in, so I have no proof, but it is a super interactive museum with tons of things to see and do, I really recommend it!

Fog cleared out and it was time to go to the top. I’m afraid of heights, but let me tell you, it was totally worth going to the top, especially on such a bright and beautiful day! some of the most amazing views from the top!



Once I had my share of the Space Needle experience, I got on the monorail and went back downtown. The monorail itself is quite fun and very convenient to move from the Space needle back to the city centre. and man, didn’t I feel as if I was a child on a rollercoaster?




once downtown, I, of course, went back to the public market, and wandered around looking at the pretty stalls for a while


there is no tour of an American city without you looking up and catching sights of the tall building. or simply  noticing the contrast in architecture and different period of times, old meets new, low building and tall buildings. Seattle has one of the most impressive skyscraper (in my opinion, it left me breathless!!)





and here’s the star, my favorite building!



Waterfront. Now, coming from Vancouver, where waterfront includes a rainforest and a lot of greenery, Seattle waterfront was a bit, different. Nonetheless stunning, but to get there you have to get further down and cross a busy road…and the waterfront is actually made up of piers you walk along…I loved it, because no matter what are you walking on or where, the Ocean my friends, is always the Ocean…


yes, I might have an obsession for seagulls.

The following day I had a few hours left before making my way back to Vancouver, and I wandered a little around the waterfront and downtown, got more coffee



stare at this manhole and the smoke coming out of it, thinking it really felt like in a movie


got some essential shopping done


and then got back on the bus and went back to Vancity.

Seattle, I really loved you a lot…


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