London calling…

the first time I went to London, I remember it clearly. It was 1994, with my mum and dad. it is one of those cases where everyone agrees, we all loved it. every single thing, every single plan. Someway somehow I think that was the time the travelbug bit me. I went back several times after that….and briefly lived there while taking my CELTA. well, the city never lets you down, it is constantly reinventing itself, while still keeping some things the same and familiar. 

I have this habit when I get to London to wake up uber early, just to savour it before the big crowd of tourists starts flocking in. I l love walking around Covent Garden when it’s all quiet and empty, it feels like a different world…




another staple of my London life/experience is the walking along the Thames in Southbank….walk from the Big Ben up until Borough Market. In some ways it feels like a lot of people still haven’t discovered this jewel right in the heart of London. It is so peaceful, you ca find quite a few peculiar things along the way, and of course, stop at one of my favorite art galleries in the world, the Tate Modern….





The Tate Modern used to be a power station, now converted into a modern art gallery. It is amazingly spacious and holds some of the best collections in the world. And I find the building fascinating.



the millenium bridge (the one that had a few issues when opened for its instability…now it is perfectly ok!) is right in front of the Tate and takes you directly to Saint Paul cathedral


Personally I prefer to continue my stroll, walking past the reproduction of the Globe theatre (totally worth visiting btw, or maybe catch a play during summer)


and of course, finish my walk at Borough Market, one of the best markets ever! so many stalls, so  many different types of foos you can find in there! I personally always grab a cup of coffee (how unusual, me drinking coffee…) and some pastry, while I’m wandering around checking out all the stalls in the market 🙂



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