the other place I once called home- Vancouver-

Dear Vancouver,

Yes, you’ve been home for a long while. I have the best and fondest memories of you. I also have not so happy memories of you. But I guess we all have conflicted feelings about home, right?

Well Vancity, gonna take a while to tell about you to the readers of this blog. Oh yes, I know I know…Well, you know what I’m gonna do now Vancouver? I’m gonna start with my favorite places there, how about that? First stop, a walk along False Creek to Granville Island and Kitsilano Beach. Yes, that’s one of the places I love the most in the entire world.

Many walks I had there. Many walks that helped me thinking, figure things out, breathe in all the saltiness the fresh breeze of the Pacific…so many choices have been made while walking here. Good and bad. I recently came back, and you know that Vancouver. and while I was walking towards Granville, it all came back to me. And I got my closure with you Vancouver. I love you dearly, but that’s not my place for now.

But let’s show how beautiful you are…

Dear readers,

start from Cambie Bridge. Get on the seawall path that leads to Kits. You’ll have these views as your partners




oh and you are also going to see one of the coolest constructions in Vancity

it's a pond, right in front of these houses...pretty awesome, if you ask me

it’s a pond, right in front of these houses…pretty awesome, if you ask me

Now, you have reached Granville Island.


have a look at the kids market, with possibly all the toys and games you can find in the world



then head towards the public market. and take it all in. Enjoy the beauty of the colours, of the smells, try new tastes. And don’t forget to grab a bite from one of the many stalls in the market, you won’t be disappointed (As a bagel freak, I recommend thee bagel stall, so many different types and possible fillings!! just across from the Italian food stall, which deserves a taste as well)






and if you are down there in winter, maybe you’ll see the frozen pond and all the ducks calmly walking over it…


now continue along the seawall. You’ll find a beach for your dog friends, maybe you’ll get one of them swimming or digging a hole in the sand



you’re almost there, remember to watch out for these bad boys


just before getting to Kits Beach, you’ll find the perfect “ode” to Raincouver. This story, carved on a stone, pretty much summarizes the spirit of the North-West. Remember what they say, “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”


I love the story so so much.

And then you are in Kits Beach. Sit, relax and enjoy the stunning views. I love this place, just looking at the pictures of it, makes me more relaxed.






and if you walk further up you’ll get to visit the oldest building in Vancouver and get this amazing view of downtown Vancouver



if you have some time, walk up to West 4th, to get brunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe’ (there’s always a queue, but it’s totally worth it).

Walk along West 4th to get a taste of Vancouver, with some of the most original and innovative shops in the whole city.

I really love this one, if you’re into making your own jewelry.


Well, Vancouver, what do you think of this post?

More coming up soon(ish).








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