the other New York…

I promised a post about the other NYC, my NYC…well, here we go.

Every time I visited NYC, I was lucky enough to have friends who put me up…I stayed in Brooklyn, more specifically in Bed-Stuy. Yes, the Bed-Stuy that saw the birth of Notorious B.I.G. and that Jay Z mentions in his uber famous “Empire State of mind”. Now, I was warned about its “sketchy” fame. I haven’t been there long enough to tell you that it is true or false…but in my exerience all was good, nothing happened, and I actually enjoyed being there. For instance, there was the nice corner shop that had everything you need and it was super cheap. Yes, that includes the super spicy Mexican Sauce named “Valentina” (eh eh eh ). Yes, the Bedford-Nostrand Av stop of the G was just around the corner. Yes, everytime I hear Nostrand by Ratatat I think of Bedstuy. I remember one evening in April, it was particulary warm that Easter. We were sitting in the apartment, and we heard the Ice-cream van music. We raced down the stairs like kids, and got our snowcone. Then proceded to sit on the stairs outside the building to eat it and cool off.


Sunrise in Brooklyn…

Brooklyn in winter

Brooklyn in winter

I think I mentioned earlier the walk along the Manhattan bridge from Dumbo… I felt particulary inspired that day, I remember it was in November. Not cold at all, if you ask me. And sunny, incredibly sunny. When I went again for New Year, I forced my friend to do that walk again, and trust me, it was worth it. There’s something that just cannot be explained, when you are walking on the bridge, and in front of you there’s the amazing skyline of NYC, the East river under the bridge “sparkles” and just on your left you have the Brooklyn Bridge in its magnificence…if you have the chance, try crossing it. you won’t be dissappointed.

Leaving Dumbo on Manahattan Bridge

Leaving Dumbo on Manahattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Union Square is my favorite square in the entire city. I used to get the train from Brooklyn (well, 2 trains), get off the A train at Canal and West Broadway. Then I would walk back along the Canal St to Broadway and walk my way up till Union Square.

Union Square has a big park right in the middle. Lots of benches where you can sit and have your lunch or coffee (which you convinently purchased at Whole Foods, best supermarket ever, in the square). If you are lucky, you might even find a Farmer’s Market to get some fresh fruit or gorgeous flowers.

Flower and Farmer's Market

Flower and Farmer’s Market

Union Square, I love thee

Union Square, I love thee

Check out the Empire State Building looking awesome from Union Square!

There’s the Strand, just around the corner. The best bookstore, possibly, in the world.With a whooping 18 miles of books, that is heaven on Earth for those who love spending time around books. 

Strand- You are awesome

Strand- You are awesome

there is also a Barnes&Nobles in the square, if the Stand is not enough.

Let’s talk food. You know what they say, about NYC bagels being the best bagels in the world? It’s true, absolutely true. Rest of the world, deal with it.  Go to one of the little delis you find in hidden corners and get some food there. I remember clearly this one place I found by accident, where I had the BEST cream cheese pumpernickel bagel in my life (drool…). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find it ever again, I just remeber it was near the Empire State Building. How convenient. There are endless places where you can get amazing food in NYC. For the best pizza try this one.


it was worth it.

Dessert? Veniero’s is the place to go in the East Village. C’mon, look at this ( a little blurry, I know, the excitement for all those cakes was too much, just too much).


Try the classic Red Velvet…


More “unknown” NYC on the blog next, including a walk around Central Park, Queens and that time we managed to see the Ball Drop for New Year’s Eve in Times Square (although we had missed a plane and we ran like there was not tomorrow to get there on time).


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