The road less travelled- a.k.a. the day I fell in love with Kazakhstan

remember when I said the some of the best things ever happened in my life happened by chance? well, I must say Kazakhstan falls right into that category…

It was love at first sight  with kazakhstan. Now, I know I use the “I cannot tell why” a lot, but really, partially I think I know why in this case.

1) its people. The friendliest, most amazing population. They never ceased to surprise me for how warm, friendly, supportive they were. The first night in Kazakhstan me and the group I was with got invited to a wedding. seriously. best first night in Kazakhstan ever (nevermind we hadn’t slept in 2 days, there were 42°C and we looked miserable….)

2) Its sky. Kazakh sky is amazing. When you look up, you feel like the sky would never end. It goes on and on forever. And its colours, its clouds, are always different. and I could stare at it for a long time in awe. This is the first thing I tell everyone about kazakhstan, oh you should see the sky is kazakhstan!


3) The beauty of the land. I stayed in a town north of Astana- Kokshetau. Part of the “must-do” in Astana is climb up a hill that overlooks the lake and the entire city. You can see the actual borders of the city, and the steppes surrounding it. And I know it might sound the most normal thing, but I swear, that amazed me more than it should have probably.

4) The fact that you always walk around with your eyes wide open, because you never know what you could find around town.

Perhaps a ferris wheel in the main square

or funky gas pipes


possibly its traditional architecture and design

It might be summer snow- Pollen attack!

or maybe some things that you cannot quite grasp why, but they make you feel blessed and happy to be where you are

and after such a long day walking around, test some of the local delicacies. I especially recommend Kazakh chocolate, possibly the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my whole life.

Don’t forget to try the ice-cream in Kokshetau, so fresh, so genuine, so tasty! (we had some ice-cream marathon going on while there…all tasted amazing!)

not the best picture to show how good this was....sorry!

not the best picture to show how good this was….sorry!


and try the bliny with condensed milk, you won’t be disappointed!


so much more I need to tell you about Kazakhstan…more blog posts about it coming soon!




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