Milan, l’è on gran Milan- Milan never lets you down, or does it?

As I said in a previous post, I pretty much grew up in Milan. I have very vivid memories of what Milan looked like from the 80’s on. I have a few spots I love dearly and I also go back to whenever I visit. As every Milanese knows, we love and we hate the city at the same time. We love it because it’s our city, because we remember things that happen to us in specific places, because we remember where we got our lunch when we were studying there, or that shop you used to go to when you were a child. Sadly, the city has invested more on the fashion and business sides of the city, and let go of the cultural attractions it has to offer. Whenever I tell someone I come from Milan, the usual answer I get is “oh fashion”. People don’t know what the city has to offer other than expensive shops and fancy designer bars. How sad is it? I firmly defend my city whenever this happens, but on the other hand I only have to admit defeat at times, because that’s what Milan has become, and it’s a shame, because it is a gorgeous city, with its pecularity and history…

here’s a little recap of my wander around town 

Of course stop in Piazza del Duomo. Right, the cathedral amazes me every single time. how is it even possible such a construction? all the details, all the decorations, the greatness of the building. The project of the building has changed so many times throughout the years (started in 1386) and it took so long to finish it, that a new  Italian idiom was coined. Whenever you say something is taking forever to be completed you say it’s like “la fabbrica del Duomo” (the Factory of the Duomo). Absolute “star” of the Duomo, is the golden statue of Mary at the top – La Madunina (see the song “O mia bela Madunina”).



Right next to it the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. It ‘s one of the first “Shopping Malls” in the world. Don’t forget to spin on the bull’s genitals three times with you right heel for good luck!





Walk down Via Dante to get to the castle.


In Milan there’s a castle, a pretty awesome one. The Sforza Family had it built in the 15th Century.Leonardo and Bramante partly decorated this amazing castle, with a huge park behind it. don’t miss it!



For a touch of Artsy Retro Milan experience, go to Brera. It still keeps that bohemian feeling. 



stop for a coffee somewhere. I stopped at Princi, the “jewellery of bread” (pretty fancy bread, but sooooo gooood! )


and stop at Spelta, to have a look at shoe Heaven



more milan coming soon!


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