exploring your hometown

my family is not from Monza. noone. My parents sorta ended up in Monza by chance. My dad is from Milan and my mum spent most of her lives living in Milan. Both of them had no clue whatsover about what Monza had to offer. We needed something? we went to Milan. we wanted to go for a walk? Milan. we? Milan. Milan. So by the age of 14 I knew EVERYTHING in Milan, not a thing in Monza.Well, only the Cathedral. We went a lot there. but pretty much nowehere else. Literally, we walked past it by accident a few times.

So when high school started, the real discovery of my hometown started with him. My high school was close to the city centre. and as a ritual, every single Saturday we would walk through the “passante ferroviario” to go and have pizza at the Motta. Now, the name Motta came from a bar that was there in the 80’s, which no loger existed when we used to go there. However the name has stuck, people still call it “where the Motta was”. Now it’s an office of the city hall.

Now, downtown Monza is pedestrian. but there used to be some rules. here’s a picture of the central street.


There are two side streets and a central one. The central one was ONLY for groups and those who wanted to make it into a group. Believe it or not, we followed this religiously and only walked on the side streets. Still today I do not walk in the middle. Which is crazy, I know, I know. To my surprise, teenagers nowadays still follow the exact same rules I follewed a long time ago. Monza, apparently, likes to stick to its “traditions”.

All those years at high school made me discover more about my city, and also made me hate it sometimes.

So, now I can tell you exactly what I like about it. So here are some of my favorite spots in the centre.

1) Santa Maria in Strada. so small, so cute, so Monza.


2) Small narrow streets



3) Spalto Maddalena

4) the Arengario from Via Italia


5) River Lambro Path


6) Coffe “marocchino” from the Caffè della Piazza. Yum Yum.


7) This view from the side of the Cathedral.


8) Monza Cathedal. Obviously.


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