tour guide dream

When I was a child I wanted to be a tour guide. wait, not just a tour guide, the tour guide of Monza’s Cathedral.

why? Because it’s a magnificent building and the story behind it has always fascinated me. I would read over and over again about Queen Teodolinda and the endless refurbishments and renewals and add-ons…

I did not become a tour guide. I moved away, and I come home only for Christmas. Still the Cathedral has never ceased to fascinate me, to get me all giddy and takes me back to my 8-year-old self. I take millions of pictures, even if I take the exact same pictures every year. 


As soon as I get inside, there it is. In its outstanding triumph. it does take my breath away a little, every single time.


I lit up 2 candles. in front of the painting of Mary. Always. 


and then I walk around in awe, and then I go out and take a few more snaps of its facade. again. 




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